Cobra Paddles

Our high-performance Cobra and Resort paddles are proudly designed and manufactured right here in South Africa by Paddles & Things CEO, Hugh Tucker.

It’s not surprising that our paddles have earned their trusted reputation in the rugged, African conditions where a broken paddle can have dire consequences.

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Known for their almost indestructible construction and efficient performance, we’ve re-designed and adapted our paddles over many years of Adventure Touring experience in the most testing conditions on the planet.

Our flagship 2.2 metre Cobra paddle is designed with a rugged, yet light-weight asymmetric, dihedral blade which efficiently catches and releases water at exactly the right time and angle, converting each stroke into powerful motion with ease.

You will enjoy flutter-free stroke and superior directional control from the unique blade shape that translates into less fatigue even on the longest passage.

Each injection-moulded, polypropylene blade is precision engineered to meet our exacting standards. The mirrored left-side and right-side blade designs ensure accurate placement and alignment with the water, producing efficiency, power and speed from each stroke. 

Two reinforcing ribs on the tip of the blade’s trailing edge deliver torsional rigidity and strength while reducing excessive weight.

In pursuit of efficiency and strength, we have designed one of the world’s lightest and thinnest blades riveted to a black, powder-coated aircraft-grade aluminium shaft.

Not only does the high-quality powder-coating provide protection from the elements, but it produces a textured, non-slip surface that is easy on your hands yet delivers flawless control in even the most wet and wild conditions.

To further enhance comfort, control and strength, the blade includes a reinforced ferrule and drip channel at the blade throat. Our integrated rubber splash ring is positioned outboard of the ferrule preventing water from running back down the shaft after each stroke.

Each paddle includes marine-grade closed-cell-expanded-Polyethylene cores within the shaft, ensuring buoyancy without sacrificing weight.

Oh, and did we mention your Cobra Paddle blades are bright yellow for great visibility.

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